Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas and the aftermath

The Kids all had a blast for Xmas!! Below is Mitchell discovering Santa gifts, Andrew all partied out, Cannon super duper was great!!

I am still working on my bloggin skills and getting better at it I guess. Christmas was pretty amazing this year. The kids went crazy and Santa was pretty darn good to all of them. Each one had their own special area with super cool toys. Cannon got so much littlest petshop things that she didnt know what to do with herself. Mitchell got all of his favorite things,,,cars, balls and a playhouse. Andrew, well he got some little things...shape sorters and elmo phones. It was a success to say the least. Dad was here to enjoy it all and we surprised him with a Continental gift certificate so that he can come back any time he wants to.
I was so very sad to see dad go home. It was like a vacation having him here. Matt and I actually got to sleep through the night for the first time in a LONG time. January is proving to be a hugely busy month for all of us. Theboys have their 14 month and 4 month check up and Cannon is busy as ever with school. Matt and I are both back in school with a vengeance. I am taking 2 classes and he is working on his Masters. He has been given he opportunity to be the DO at the squadron while she is out after having a baby. Stressful as it is, he is taking it all in and learning as much as he can.
Andrew is growing so fast, 4 months old, rolling over and sits in the jumper. He also loves yo gabba gabba as much as his brother. Mitchell is still not talking, but like to get down and dance whenever he can...check out the video below..

Love to all ~~~

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