Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Free Prints!!

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Growing babies

I came across some old pictures of my kids and thought it would be fun to compare them from the last 2 years...Its truly amazing to see how much they have grown in such a short amount of time. Makes me realize how fast time passes when you're getting old :)
Mitchell turns 3 in October!

Drew is turning 2 on Sept 10!!

This picture was taken about 3 years ago...amazing how much she has grown. About to start 5th grade this year!!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

A sure sign I am getting old....I cannot figure this stuff out. I dont know if its the idea of having to watch the babies while I attempt to update this thing or the fact that I am slowly become technologically illiterate. I dont suppose anyone would like to tell me why I cant seem to get my pictures to upload to picassa, or why I can only try to upload 5 at a time. Sigh.....Trying to blog but its not really working out.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I am trying to update my blog bbuuuuttttttt, am having difficulties!!! I am a slacker!! Sorry peeps

Monday, April 12, 2010

So we went to the Zoo this weekend...not exactly what I had hoped for in regards to how Mitchell liked it. I guess maybe he is still too young. We got him a leash to walk around with and sadly, he didnt enjoy that very much so he spent most of the time with Andrew in the stroller. The best part for him was the petting zoo and the water fountains that he got to play in. Cannon had a friend with her and they also enjoyed the fountains at the end, as well as feeding the Giraffes~~

Perhaps we will wait until he understands more to take him again..

I love the picture above...his favorite thing to do lately is boss around Bandit..he points at him a says "dun dun dun" which I interpret as down,down,down. I thought this picture was particularly funny because this was the only goat that remotely resembles the dog and he ran right up to it and started telling him what to do LOL!!!
So to update on our moving is looking more and more likely that St Louis will be our next stop. Seems that Matt has quite a supportive push to get the job that he applied for there. That will be GREAT!!! SNOW for XMAS!!! I will be so very excited, though I am told its nothing to get crazy about..I have always dreamed of a white xmas!! We are looking to have a busy next few months, Matt is getting ready to go to training and then hopefully a little R&R, then most probably a deployment..which also means that this is time in which our house will sell, we will have to pack and move somewhere else...because this is the way of the world.. It looks to be busy this summer. A trip home will be much needed and enjoyed since the boys are growing so big and Cannon will be 9!!!!
I still cant get used to this...i have to say I need to find a better way of posting pics to this thing. I see other blogs and they are so nicely done...I am not that blog savy though I guess.