Thursday, December 24, 2009

sooooo Its Xmas Eve!! YAY! Cant wait to see the kids faces in the morning after Santa makes his stop at the Patton house! I love Xmas! Things have been moving along this month. My surgery went super well, still taking some time to recuperate but I am slowly but surely getting there. There is more and more excitement every day with all the clothes that I couldnt wear anymore, and now I can :) Dad and Mitchell are forming a very good bond. They seem to have a really good time together. Though he tends to favor the tiny ones. He has been such a wonderful help through all of this and is really thinking of retiring now. As you can see....

Andrew is quite comfortable in his Poppi's arms :) I am going to be soooo sad when he goes home. We have gotten him a continental gift card though, so he can come back whenever he wants to;)

Gran sent the kids their Xmas PJ's. A must for every Xmas if you ask me. They are sooooo adorable. Made for a beautiful picture of my beautiful kiddos. Cannon is getting so big and amazes me everyday. She is going to be a heartbreaker one day for sure.

Another great pic below, the boys and Matt. I must agree they are some good lookin men

Our other problem, Mitchell and his fascination with the tree. He just cant help himself when it comes to ornaments. We hope that everyone has a safe and Merry Christmas. Wish we could be home with the whole family but we re going to make the best of tomorrow. :)

Friday, December 11, 2009

So Poppi made it to Fl. Just in time for my surgery. This week has been so busy trying to get ready for it. Thank god he was able to take the time off to help out. He of course was amazed at how much the boys had changed in just a few months. Tues came and my surgery went well. Now on the road to recovery. Its been wonderful having Dad here and he is enjoying spending time with the boys.
He and Mitchell have defiantely started to bond and Andrew, well lets just say he is more spoiled than ever. Cannon has her very first soccer game of the season tomorrow. She is ready to go and kick some booty on the field. Its also Matts first game as a coach. Unfortunately its an 8 am game after the squadron xmas party. TTFN!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Andrew and Mitchell were helping with the Christmas tree

SOOOOOOOO, I have created a blog, not really sure why but since we dont live close to family, I thought this might help in addition to Facebook. What a BUSY 2 years we have had. Introducing Mitchell and Andrew to the family has kept up on our toes. Currently at the moment still in Brandon, and trying to begin the preparation for our next anticipated move. We have no idea where or when but still trying to be ready.

Here are 2 of our little ones, Miss Cannon, 8 and Mitchell who was only about 9 months when this was taken. He is waaayyyyy bigger now.

This is Andrew, our newest bundle of joy. He is so cute and sweet, but keeps us up at night. Hehe....we love him all the same.

We have been so busy this holiday season so far. Trying to get ready for Christmas, Poppi coming for a month to visit and waiting for Santa. All the same we love it. The kids keep us busy, Matt and I are both in school...its a madhouse sometimes.

Cannon took her first trip to Louisiana alone this Thanksgiving. She had a blast, flew on a plane by herself and wasnt even really scared. Well, maybe just a little but she did great. We are glad to have her home though. We spent Thanksgiving here with great friends and ate a ton of turkey. We missed the family back home but we know we will see them all soon. Till next time...

Sunday, November 29, 2009