Monday, November 30, 2009

SOOOOOOOO, I have created a blog, not really sure why but since we dont live close to family, I thought this might help in addition to Facebook. What a BUSY 2 years we have had. Introducing Mitchell and Andrew to the family has kept up on our toes. Currently at the moment still in Brandon, and trying to begin the preparation for our next anticipated move. We have no idea where or when but still trying to be ready.

Here are 2 of our little ones, Miss Cannon, 8 and Mitchell who was only about 9 months when this was taken. He is waaayyyyy bigger now.

This is Andrew, our newest bundle of joy. He is so cute and sweet, but keeps us up at night. Hehe....we love him all the same.

We have been so busy this holiday season so far. Trying to get ready for Christmas, Poppi coming for a month to visit and waiting for Santa. All the same we love it. The kids keep us busy, Matt and I are both in school...its a madhouse sometimes.

Cannon took her first trip to Louisiana alone this Thanksgiving. She had a blast, flew on a plane by herself and wasnt even really scared. Well, maybe just a little but she did great. We are glad to have her home though. We spent Thanksgiving here with great friends and ate a ton of turkey. We missed the family back home but we know we will see them all soon. Till next time...

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